Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Air Products and Sibur celebrates the start up of the new ASU plant in Voronezh, Russia

Voronezh, Russia (October 19, 2012) Air Products and Sibur inaugurated the opening of a  new  air separation unit (ASU). The grand opening ceremony is being held in conjuction with the 80th anniversary of Sibur’s OAO Voronezhsynthezkauchuk’s facility.

As a part of the agreement signed in 2010, Air Products will own, operate and maintain the ASU which is located at the Voronezhsintezkauchuk’s site. The ASU has been designed to satisfy the industrial gas requirements  for the main production facilities of OAO Voronezhsynthezkauchuk, in particular, gaseous nitrogen and compressed dry air. It is  managed remotely from the control center located in Czestochowa (Poland).The ASU will have the capacity to produce up to 3,000 /hour of gaseous nitrogen, plus up to 16,000m /hour of dry compressed air.   In addition to providing Voronezhsintezkauchuk with all of its industrial gas requirements, Air Products will also supply liquid product to the Russian market and start up of operations  will help enhance volume and quality of the products manufactured by OAO Voronezhsynthezkauchuk.

“Building reliable, mutually beneficial relationships with Russian firms, is a key enabler in capitalising on long-term growth opportunities in this territory.  As Voronezhsintezkauchuk recognise, the benefits of on-site gas production facilities in a rapidly expanding marketplace are significant and can bring substantial commercial advantages to both the customer and supplier.” commented Rob Mills, General Director, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States at Air Products.

The investment in Voronezh follows the previously announced agreement signed with Rostov administration to continue the company’s strategy of investment in growth regions. Air Products will construct and operate an oxygen, nitrogen and argon liquefier, with a 200+ ton per day capacity, and a cylinder gases depot , in Krasny Sulin, in the Rostov region. The region has a well-established manufacturing base, strong historic growth rate and very promising development forecasts. The total value of both investments is in excess of USD $30 million (€ 25 million) and both the liquefier and packaged gases depot are expected to be on-stream in early 2014.

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