Monday, 28 November 2016

Five-year roadmap teams up with the predictive tools for better Instrument Asset Integrity

Shahrul Rashid,
Principal Engineer, PETRONAS
Sharul A Rashid has more than 26 years of experience in handling instrumentation and control issues in oil, natural gas, gas liquefaction and petrochemical plant incl. pipeline transmission division. He has been involved as an instrumentation expert in many key projects e.g. Kertih Compressor Station, Malaysia Peninsular Gas Utilisation metering stations project, MLNG Dua Debottlenecking Project, etc.

You were among our respected speakers at the ASIA-TECH 2016 which has been recently held in Bangkok. What were the main issues you addressed in your presentation at the event?

My presentation at the ASIA-TECH 2016 was focused on how to achieve and sustain plant asset management excellence from the instrumentation perspective.

According to your presentation at ASIA-TECH 2016 Predictive tools alone are not sufficient for achieving Instrument Asset Integrity and Availability. What are the other important tools?

Besides predictive tools, other important tools include five year roadmap which exhaustively and comprehensively covers all aspect of plant life-cycle maintenance including but not limited to asset life studies and implementation, harnessing of technologies to improve plant efficiency and ultimately OPEX, manpower competency programme for technician and engineers, applying of influence behaviour model to move people to work and meet plant objective for excellence, teamwork from other disciplines like electrical, rotating, health & safety executive and operations equal drive for excellence.

Could you please tell us more about Plant Equipment Reliability Strategy in PETRONAS?

This strategy in PETRONAS is called ERS which stands for Equipment Reliability Strategy. ERS covers each aspect of the plant equipment failure mode and failure mechanism in order to come up with the right strategy to address. The preventive maintenance strategy with the appropriate schedule and task is then loaded into the SAP for auto-call where relevant.

What are the other PETRONAS projects you have been recently involved in?

I am based in PETRONAS Refinery integrated with Aromatics Plant located in Kertih, Terengganu, which is on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. My primary task is to ensure my plant instrumentation reliability is tip top that includes providing consultancy and advisory on areas on instrumentation and control, conducting continuous training and coaching to my engineers and technicians for human capital development, lead the instrument team on various CAPEX projects and plant Turn Around flawless execution.

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