Thursday, 9 February 2017

Top 7 reasons to come to International Downstream Week (IDW)

1.  The unique atmosphere EPC events provide.

The first and foremost reason the vast majority of our
delegates state as their reason to come back to International Downstream Week (IDW) each year is the friendly and welcoming environment and the unique and relaxed atmosphere EPC events bring. The personal approach of the EPC team, understanding the needs and goals of your business, knowing exactly who you want to meet and doing our best to facilitate useful introductions during the event week – all add up to the experience.

“An excellent opportunity to meet a lot of industry professionals who have the same problems as yours and found similar solutions to them.”
Marta Moreno Pardo, Process Engineer, REPSOL

2. Back in Dubrovnik – again. We listen to you.

Since the last time (2013) the event was held in Dubrovnik an average of 1 of 4 of the regular delegates, attending the events the following years, selected Dubrovnik as the desired destination for IDW yet again.

Of course, we are not surprised, both 2011 and 2013 were great years for IDW and we all have fond memories of the pleasant yet productive time we had at the events in this charming historical city, the friendships and business connections created among the delegates that still last, the turquoise water of the Adriatic sea you wake up to in your Rixos room to start a great day ahead……...and….remember the dramatic storm in open sea while having Gala Dinner at that historical ship, who could’ve forgotten it.

3. Save yourself a few business trips. One-stop-shop to meet the clients/suppliers you need - all in one place.

Travelling for meetings - we all know how time-consuming and costly it usually is. Still, there is rarely an opportunity for quality time with your prospective partners in relaxed surroundings.
Whether it is a client from South America, North Africa, Europe or Asia, you have good chances to meet them all at the event without having to travel to meet them. About 250 delegates from over 30 different countries from 4 continents attended the IDW last year.

We, the professional conference organisers, work for more than a year to bring this event to you and our job is to facilitate your upcoming business.
Do feel free to share your goals, prospects and clients you’d like to meet at the event and we will do our best to make it happen for you.
There are more than 30 exhibition stands of variety of industry leaders eager to tell you all about how they can be of service.

“Great opportunity to meet all relevant vendors and other refiners to share experiences.”
Stephan Finnern, Head of Technology, HEIDE REFINERY 

 4. Immaculate organisation that will never fail you. 

    We expect you to expect the best from us …and we always deliver.

“Organisation of the conference is at high level with interesting program in line with current situation and demand in oil & gas industry. Selection of topics was very interesting and will be useful for us in the future”
Vanda Mandic, Manager of Process Technology & Development, INA

5. The strong technical quality programme content and interactive discussions.

The programmes of our events are always fresh and focused – we are grateful to be working with many of the brightest minds in the industry who greatly contribute to interesting sessions and help the delegates with insights on how to solve complex issues at their refineries through interactive discussions as well as independent outlook of the industry trends.
Together with the colleagues from the consulting department, we carefully select each application for presenting.
We consult and cooperate with all speakers to deliver engaging speeches and not allow commercial and sales presentations.

“It is a great chance to me for getting current trend and experience. There are many creative and new ideas of technologies that we can introduce in the future. Thank you for especially valuable networking with great people who I can contact later.”
Ojun Kwon, Researcher, HYINDAI OILBANK

6. Raise your company profile…..but also your personal brand.

  It looks great on your company to sponsor an event as IDW. The exposure is guaranteed. 
But with EPC you also have the opportunity to meet our recruitment consultants to help you with your personal professional goals or recruitment needs.
Be a speaker, take active part in the discussion either at the events or in our social media channels, post relevant posts in the event app and raise your personal brand too.

“Besides sharing useful topics, important point is that we had opportunity for networking with very experienced people who managed Operational Excellence processes.
Serdar Kemaloglu, Kırıkkale Refinery Manager, TÜPRAŞ 

7. Opportunities to share the experience with your family.

Everyone’s life is extremely busy nowadays and we’re trying to juggle with a lot of engagements simultaneously, that’s one reason why our delegates often greatly appreciate each opportunity to combine attendance at the conferences with a holiday after the event together with their family. This year we’ve decided to make a list of interesting activities for families in Dubrovnik and will soon introduce it to you. Stay tuned.

Thank you for appreciating what we do. We will do our best to top up all this at IDW 2017.

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