Monday, 27 February 2012

Top Oil and Gas Leaders from Russia & CIS Revealing their Strategies and Future Plans for Project Developments in the Region

16 & 17 February 2012, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
For second successful year the Russia & CIS Executive gathered together in Dubai the highest level executives in the downstream oil & gas industry, to reveal their future plans for development, discuss the challenges and opportunities that the industry in this region is facing today. The unconventional format of the forum encouraged interesting discussions among the participants and let them share their points of view on the pressing issues brought up by senior representatives of leading consultants, financiers, investors, technology and service providers during the presentations and panel discussions.                      

Sponsors of the conference included UOP, Axens, Foster Wheeler, Exxon Mobil, Aveva, Accenture, Dinaz.

During the first day of the conference Mr. Jean Sentenac, Chairman and CEO of Axens, brought up the main challenges in the refining and petrochemical industry in the Russia&CIS region. According to Mr. Sentenac that would be the on-specification fuels production, the bottom of the barrel conversion technologies and the improvement of the assets profitability. In his presentation he explained the importance of developing new technologies and additional processes and services to answer the needs of this market.

Another presentation that raised the attention of the participants was delivered by Mr. Anil Chanramani – Chief Investment Officer and Global Sector Lead of the International Financial Corporation (World Bank).  He spoke about managing risks and delivering growth in the chemical industry, explaining the specific approach of the International Financial Corporation when it comes to emerging markets like the Russia&CIS.

The delegates and speakers had the pleasure to enjoy a spectacular evening with an exclusive view of the famous Dubai dancing fountains and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). The Gala dinner was sponsored by UOP, whose President and CEO – Mr. Rajeev Gautam opened the second day of the conference with a presentation on the world challenges in the technology sector and especially those faced by the Russia & CIS due to rapid market changes in this region.

Mr Colin Chapman, president of Euro Petroleum Consultants presented his vision on a new approach that can be implemented for EPC projects in the Russia & CIS region.

An exclusive special presentation was delivered by the Vice President Strategy Development of the Azeri company SOCAR – Mr Tofig Gakhramanov, who revealed their ambitious plans for developing a large scale refining, gas and petrochemicals complex in Baku, Azerbaijan. His presentation provoked a lot of discussions, questions and comments among delegates and undoubtedly raised the attention of all supplier companies attending the conference.

 This high-level event was organised by Euro Petroleum Consultants [EPC] – an independent organisation providing technical services to oil, gas and petrochemicals companies as well specialized oil and gas conferences and training seminars. The conference was held in conjunction of another conference organized by Euro Petroleum Consultants – The Middle East Technology Forum (ME-TECH) that gathered more than 250 delegates and more than 20 exhibitors.

EPC plans to hold the Russian & CIS Executive Summit and the Middle East Technology Forum annually. Keep up-to-date with EPC’s activities at


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